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Transforming Pain Event This Tuesday

Notice: The Mindbody Dictionary Interactive Event is coming this Tuesday evening.

There is a change with the upcoming livestream from the Mindbody Dictionary, where Ron discusses the topic of “Transforming Pain” and the Mindbody dictionary.

Ron will host an interactive audience over the Zoom online conference platform. This will allow up to 100 viewers to have an interactive discussion experience.

It will be an interesting experience to have the Mindbody Dictionary Interactive Conversation with the attendees and their minds and bodies. It is an exploration of how to interact with your mind and body regarding your condition(s). This conversation will focus on the Transformation of Pain.

Whether physical or emotional pain, all humans and animals have the discomforting experience of hurt and ache. Naturally, people try to avoid pain, and the escape of pain can lead to other problems, such as denial, addictions, emotional reactions, misjudgments of what to do about it, over-medicating with substances, including food, and sometimes blame of self or others.

Usually, pain drives decisions rather than logic and common sense. Is there a purpose to pain? Is there a reason for this physical hurt and emotional ache? Is the purpose of life to run and smother out pain, or is there a value in its influence?

Are there natural ways for the mind to deal with pain? Are there ways to transform it to a calmer state and possible productive use?

Ron (Ronald B. Wayman) from the Mindbody Dictionary will address this topic and any insights that will help you with proactive insights on the conference call.

Tune into the Zoom conference call on May 7th, 2024, at 7:30 p.m. MDT.

It will be live and interactive. Ron welcomes your questions and the possibility of all of us growing together. This life is an opportunity.

Here is the link: Mindbody Dictionary Interactive Meeting about Pain Transformation


 Thank you,

Ron & Denise from the Mindbody Dictionary

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