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The Mindbody Dicitonary App

What people are saying

Life Changing

User friendly, easy format to read and understand! This book provides great insight into the root of our problems and gives solutions that are easy to follow and do. It also helps to change our way of thinking about things. I experienced relief from my emotions and it started me down a better path of healing for my heart, mind and body. So grateful for this new resource!


So much information at my fingertips

I’m so excited to have this information at my fingertips. I’ve wanted it for years. Such an amazing app with incredibly helpful information.

~ Denise

Gives me peace of mind

This app has helped me recognize my emotions of my pain or discomfort in my body. It gives me peace of mind as I reflect on the affirmations. It also helps give me a more positive outlook on my health . I love it. This is a much needed tool in my life!!

~ A google user

Free download of the Mindbody Dictionary
Over 100 Conditions Inluding:
  • Understanding of the troubled mindsets
  • Coaching for change
  • Affirmations related to the conditions
  • Supporting Foods
  • Suggested Products
  • Recommended books
  • Referrals to classes, courses, videos, articles for each condition.
Enjoy the Mindbody Dictionary


All of the Free Level Plus:
  • Remove all Ads
  • Access to all the information in the Free for all 250 conditions. (And growing!)
  • Access to all new updated condition as they come available.
  • Access to exclusive techniques for balancing calming/healing.

What people are saying

Phenominal Resource

This app is a phenominal resource. When I have an aliment that’s been bothering me, I can read the emotions involved and it is usually right on. Understanding the possible emotional root to my physical problem is fascinating & relieving when it relates so well. At times I’ve read affirmations once or twice & my physical ailment resovles on it’s own. I can make emotional and mental adjustments that help me in my life which makes it an amazing personal ife coach. I highly recommmend this app.


This is a great resource for healing!

It has helped me recognize and release the negative emotions that are creating illness and dis-ease in my body!


Essential part of our medicine cabinet

I turn to the MindBody Dictionary app whenever an issue comes up in the body of a family member, and I am so excited to now have this information in book form. I’ve used it for acne, restless leg, neck problems, muscle cramps, viruses, migraines, wrist problems, etc. The information is always insightful and hits right on the core mindset and emotional issues that are involved. I love the affirmations offered and use them as needed through the day or during meditation at morning or evening. I really appreciate being able to address the emotional aspects of our physical problems, and I consider it an essential part of our medicine cabinet.

~ Nathan

Free version on the Mindbody Dictionary

Over 100 Conditions available on the free download.

Condition List page in the Mindbody Dictionary

Upgrade to enjoy over 240 Conditions (and growing), with additional amazon products and resources. Only $10/year.

Mindset page in the Mindbody Dictionary

What you’ll find:

  • Troubled mindset
  • Healing Mindset
  • Affirmations
  • Supporting Foods
  • Products
  • Articles and Resources

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Some things changed…

Did you enjoy the first version of the Mindbody Dictionary App? A couple things have changed. Here is a note from Ron that may help answer some of your questions: