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The Launch of the Mindbody Dictionary book was successful and exciting. Thank you for your support! It is amazing to feel the encouraging energy from so many wonderful people!

So many of you bought more than one book, one for yourself and some as gifts. Thank you. We appreciate your enthusiasm in sharing this information with others.

We did well with the launch. We were able to reach the following milestones:

#1 in 4 Categories
Top New Releases and Best Seller in
Mind-Body Connection
Alternative Medicine Reference

#2 in Medical Encyclopedias

Top 10
#7 Alternative Medicine Healing

Top 100 in
#52 Personal Transformation Self-Help

And we were #1290 place out of 500,000+ books for that day.

Please consider sharing your review of The Mindbody Dictionary ebook or book on Amazon.

It is fun to look at the interest and watch the success.

But what I find most encouraging and deeply rewarding is the benefit that people are getting from the information.

-Ron Wayman

Because this all started with an APP on the phone, we were able to watch individuals use it and find help they wanted before we introduced the book. This gave us time to work with the information, improve and make it more user friendly and then make it more accessible in a book and e-book form.

The APP is now updated and improved and we are now going to offer some events to help those who want to know more about how to use the information and increase their abilities.

So, with gratitude,
we are announcing the
first event in April.

April 9th at
6 pm Pacific time
7 pm MST
8 pm Central
9 pm Eastern

Ron and his wife, Janette, will be visiting Denise and her family in Missouri for the eclipse and we thought it would be a perfect time to do a live event (that will be recorded) to go over some of the principles of the Mindbody Dictionary, its use, answer questions, and give you some possibilities on how to go forward with the Dictionary in additional positive ways.

More details to come. If you’d like to be notified please click the button below. Also if you have any specific items you’d like to discuss at one of these events, share that with us there as well.

Once again. THANK YOU for all your support on the Mindbody Dictionary launch. We are so pleased.

Ron & Denise
Mindbody Dictionary

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