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Spirituality What, Podcast with Denise

I SO enjoyed chatting with Rebecca on her ‘Spirituality, What?’ podcast! Thank you for the chance to enjoy chatting and sharing this topic so close to my heart. 🧘‍♀️❤️

We chat about healing, muscle testing, kids, energy and more! Check out Part 1 and Part 2.

Step into the fascinating realm of Energetic Kinesiology with Denise in our latest episode Part 1! 🌿 Dive deep into the intricate network of energetic pathways that weave through our bodies, uncovering the profound wisdom of muscle testing and its transformative impact on holistic wellness. 💫 

Denise assists others in directing their lives to accomplish the things that are truly meaningful to them. She does this by facilitating the realignment and connection of the mind, heart, body and soul with the inner core light, thereby enhancing mental clarity, emotional balance, and spiritual insight. Denise has educational experience and certifications from the American College of NeuroEnergetic Kinesiology (ACNEK), Sensory Dynamics Institute, Energy Kinesiology Association​, International Quantum University for Integrative Medicine (IQUIM), and Westminster College.

Join us on a journey of exploration as Denise shares her personal odyssey to mastery in Energetic Kinesiology, illuminating the profound importance of this practice for nurturing mind, body, and spirit. 🌱 

Don’t miss out—tune in now to unlock the secrets of energy within yourself and embark on a journey of profound self-discovery! 

The purpose of this podcast is to demystify spirituality, making it accessible, relatable, and tangible for a diverse audience. I believe spirituality is not limited to lofty ideals and esoteric practices but is an integral part of the humdrum of daily life—a guiding force in the rituals, emotions, and small experiences that shape our human existence.

Discover the inner workings of an Energetic Kinesiology session with Denise in part 2 of our enlightening episode! 🌀 

Uncover the intricate dance of energy as Denise guides us through the process, shedding light on how this powerful modality can unlock hidden truths within. 💫 Explore the profound connection between Energetic Kinesiology and spirituality as Denise shares her personal insights, offering a window into the deeper realms of consciousness. 🌿 Plus, gain valuable insights into approaching Energetic Kinesiology from a less spiritual perspective, opening doors to holistic healing for all. 📚 

And don’t miss out on Denise’s exciting new book and app—tune in now to learn more and embark on your own journey of transformation! 


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In our conversation, your insights truly shone, adding a rich and unique layer to our exploration of spirituality in everyday human experiences. 

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