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Mindbody with Qi Gong

Welcome to the world of Mindbody Movements with Qi Gong! The Qi Gong practice is an ancient form of movement that combines meditation, breath, and mindfulness to promote physical and mental well-being. Then, combine this with some of the conditions from the Mindbody Dictionary to create a fantastic mindfulness and body interoception that can assist you in transforming your Troubled Mindset from the conditions in the Mindbody Dictionary.

Find a condition that is troubling you. Read through the Troubled Mindset and the Healing Mindset. Come to understand some of the internal dialogue and thought processing that can be a part of the issue. Start to resolve change in your body by including breathing and movements that help create change.

Look for the Movement(s) that helps the Condition you discovered in the Mindbody Dictionary. Sometimes, it is several of the Movements.

You can find one or more Affirmations from the Condition to state orally or within your mind while doing the Movement.

The following guide will help you find specific Qi Gong movements tailored to various health conditions and many of the conditions within the Mindbody Dictionary. Regular practice can help alleviate symptoms, improve overall health, and enhance quality of life. Consistent, daily coordinated movements make a big difference in improving your life.