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MBD Stories – Sneezing

I was at a fair when I passed by a booth and started sneezing uncontrollably. It was sudden and intense. I moved on, thinking maybe I was sensitive to something in the booth—perhaps a smell or chemical.

The next day, as I reflected on that moment, I looked it up in the Mindbody Dictionary. When I read, ‘You are harboring resentment towards a person or situation, but you suppress your anger,’ it clicked! I instantly realized how that booth reminded me of a certain situation I had to endure for a very long time and didn’t like. I hadn’t thought about that part of my past situation for a while. Apparently, I have still been harboring some anger, and my sneezing was a way for my body to release it quickly!

Thank you for sharing your stories with us! We’d love to hear YOUR story. When we share are experiences with each other we help each other come together through our individual insights.

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