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MBD Stories – Ankle

MBD Story:
I recently moved from the state where I have lived my entire life. Everything changed. It’s been a huge shift for me after living in the same location with the same friends, family, work and more.

I was registering my car in my new location. As I walked out of the licensing office my ankle started hurting so bad I was limping to my car. I hadn’t injured it. It was so random. I found out through the mindbody dictionary that I was nervous inside because of the path I was taking and I wanted to take more than one path. In reality, my heart was going one way and my mind was going another, or maybe they were both going both directions.

I thought about it for a minute and remembered the thoughts I was thinking while registering my car… this was it. I was no longer a resident of my old home. I was officially a resident of the new place. I did feel all twisted inside. I miss home, I’m also happy here. I want both. As soon as I realized what it was the emotions raised to the surface and I cried.

I suppose my ankle was hurting because I was avoiding feeling the feelings associated with the issue, so it went to my body. I’m grateful I am able to feel the feelings with awareness, my ankle is fine.

Thank you,


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