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It’s Today! MBD is discounted on Amazon.

Today is the Promotion Day for purchasing the Mindbody Dictionary book and/or e-book at a big discounted price.

We appreciate your patience and support and now we are giving back to you.

Today’s promotional discount:

  • The book special is $27 (normally $39), the e-book is $17.99 (normally $24.99).

This promotion will be for today, March 20th only.

This is a one-time savings opportunity. SO, be sure to SHARE the news with your family, friends, neighbors, clients, and whoever makes you smile.

We appreciate your support over the years and we are happy to offer this discount to you. And when you share this opportunity with others it helps us get the Mindbody Dictionary to a broader audience by getting into the forefront of the public view.

We hope you enjoy the many benefits of the Mindbody Dictionary. By discovering the many ways the mind and the heart are so interconnected with the conditions of the physical body, we hope you will be able to help yourself, your family and others on your healing journey.

The amount of time and effort is so worth it. Hours and funds to get these to the public and to you have been well spent. We will be taking efforts to offer events for those who want to learn more and discover deeper understanding and application of the principles shared in the Mindbody Dictionary. Certification will also be available to those who really want to expand their abilities. We will let you know more soon. 

In the meantime if you are interested in classes and resources you can find more information. (We have a discount for you on the Mindbody Dictionary Classes right now too!)

Also, don’t forget to download the app!

The app includes recommended products and resources for each condition (though, still a work in progress). It also offers a search function that helps to connect related issues. (As shown here.)

Thank you again for your support of your Mind & Body & Heart from the MindBody Dictionary team.

With gratitude,

Ron & Denise

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