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Mind Body Heart Awareness
Coach Certification

The Mindbody Dictionary Coach Certification

Objective: Provide a Certification for individuals to professionally and efficiently guide individuals through the process of discover using the Mindbody Dictionary, with the intention of assisting individuals to understand the connections between their symptoms, conditions, behaviors to their inner core self, their emotions, their beliefs. In other words, facilitate the development of qualified coaches that help people connect with their inner core self in a way that they become self-actualized and start living intentionally, openly, and with the freedom to choose their path through their inner maze of stress and confusion into awareness and clarity.

Ron & Denise at MBD

In development

This certification is in development. Details will be forth coming. If you would like to be kept informed about this certification, classes, courses or other related details please submit your email below. Thank you.

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Develop yourself

Learn how to connect the knowledge from the Mindbody Dictionary and other resources to deeply connect to your inner world and percieve a whole new level of awareness in the inner world of those you coach.

Connect and Share

Mind Body Heart Awareness Coaching goes to a whole new level of knowledge and connection that will profoundly impact your life and the life of each person you touch.