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Dicsount Through Sunday If you haven’t already and would like to get the Workbook, Journal, and The Complete Mindbody Dictionary, now is a great time! Enjoy the discount through Sunday evening.Here are the links: Write a Review Do you love The Complete Mindbody Dictionary? We’d… Read More »Congratulations!

MBD App Fee

The Mindbody Dictionary App and the extra fee for all the conditions. I want to thank all of you who have downloaded the new and improved Mindbody Dictionary App. The new app has improved conditions for using the app, less time to load and to… Read More »MBD App Fee

MBD Stories – Ankle

MBD Story:I recently moved from the state where I have lived my entire life. Everything changed. It’s been a huge shift for me after living in the same location with the same friends, family, work and more. I was registering my car in my new… Read More »MBD Stories – Ankle