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Explore the Connection
Between the Mind & Body

Buy in Local Shops, Workshops, and Events – Coming in Missouri!

We are excited to share that you can now find “The Complete Mindbody Dictionary” at local shops in Missouri!

Find at these locations:

Check out upcoming workshops

We have several workshops coming up in Southern Missouri. Check out our events calendar and join us there!

Learn Mindbody Movements for Healing

What can you do to integrate the healing mindset into your body?

Stay tuned for an opportunity to join us for an online movement challenge integrate the Mindbody Dictionary with qi gong that will transform your wellbeing in mind and body!

#1 Best Seller

The Mindbody Dictionary is the 733 page culmination of an inspired, multi-year collaboration which has infused decades of clinical experience and traditional wisdom into an original work: a work which has the potential to empower individuals to change their mindsets and expand their health and self-awareness through the mind-body connection.

The A-Z of Heart-Based Healing

Dive deep into the secrets of holistic well-being with our A to Z guide, exploring the intricate connections between mind, heart, and body. This comprehensive dictionary transcends the ordinary, delving into specific mindsets that impact health and wellness.

Find the
specific mindset

Search for an area of the body, a pain, or a condition
to discover the mental / emotional connection
with coaching and affirmations
to bridge a transformational shift.

Get the Mindbody Dictionary
App & Book

Search a pain or condition and
discover the mental/emotional connection.

Why the book?

  • Solid, yours forever.
  • Reference & Bookmark
  • Meditation companion.
  • Safe keeping. It won’t go down online or with your phone!
  • It’s a book! What more do can we say?

Why the app?

  • New definitions as they come available.
  • Products & resources information tabs.
  • New updates.
  • Quick reference on the road.
  • Helpful search functions for related conditions.


Over 100 Conditions Inluding:
  • Understanding of the troubled mindsets
  • Coaching for change
  • Affirmations related to the conditions
  • Supporting Foods
  • Suggested Products
  • Recommended books
  • Referrals to classes, courses, videos, articles for each condition.


All of the Free Level Plus:
  • Remove all Ads
  • Access to all the information in the Free for all 250 conditions. (And growing!)
  • Access to all new updated condition as they come available.
  • Access to exclusive techniques for balancing calming/healing.

Thank you!


We have seen an incredible response to our launch of our MindBody Dictionary. THANK YOU!

We are grateful for all those who have been such a huge support to us.

Please consider offering a review with your experience of the Mindbody Dictionary, the Insight Journal, and the Workbook on Amazon.

Send us your stories!

We have heard so many interesting, inspiring, and incredible stories about your experiences with the Mindbody Dictionary. We’d LOVE to have them written, and **with your permission**, we will share them on our MBD stories page. THANK YOU in advance.



Insights, Techniques, Meditations, Movements, and Healing.

Mindbody Dictionary Classes

Choose a course

Losing Emotional Weight

Recognize your belief cycles, and gently bust open your unconscious patterns! This extensive awareness resource will be your constant companion.

Mindbody Gallbladder Healing

Learn how to access the Chakras, the energy centers that interface between your interior and exterior environments.

Transforming Universal Mindsets

This course will introduce you to some basic concepts of Frequency and Resonance, and what they have to do with emotions, physical symptoms and relationships. 

Empowerlife Classes

Choose a beginning
level course

The Integrative Somatic Support Workshop

 In this course you will learn how to tune in to your body, discover the very things your body needs to feel safe, supported, and acknowledged. 

Chakra Touch the Basics

Learn how to access the Chakras, the energy centers that interface between your interior and exterior environments.

Gui: Understanding & Moving through Negative Thoughts & Emotions.

The first in a series of Gui courses, you will learn about dense energies from a Panel of five practitioners, each sharing how they experience different aspects of chaotic energies.